Monday, December 8, 2008

3 Things

Okay assholes.  I gots three things today:

1.  Why doesn't Judge Judy start blogging?  I'm pretty sure she has a lot to say and I'm VERY sure I'd like to hear it.

2.  Guacamole.  As in, "Where can I get really good guacamole in the city?"

3.  I think it'd be fun if you made it your goal tomorrow to put everybody you know in a really bad mood.  And I mean genuinely try to upset them.  I'm for sure gonna try it!  

That's all.  You can go now.  Congratulations on reading this blog, dumbasses.  If you're still not satisfied or you're just fuckin' stupid, here's a picture you can look at for a while 'till you get off your ass and do something:

This is James Van Der Beek.  He's crying because he's useless.


1 comment:

Derek Rodgers said...

I refuse to vote in your poll until it is amended to add Suzie Ormaan and the polling number is reset so that she has a fair chance.

In the meantime, this comment will serve as my formal protest.