Saturday, December 6, 2008

An Excerpt from "Little Mipsy and Her Big Christmas Miracle"

Salutations!  There are so many magical things to enjoy about the holiday season.  My favorite part of Christmas-time is hearing stories.  I LOVE Christmas stories!  A Christmas Carol is my favorite of them all (including all the variations on it).  You'll be thrilled to know that my affection for Christmas tales has inspired me to write a cheery, holiday story of my own called "Little Mipsy and Her Big Christmas Miracle."  It's a story about ignoring adversity and listening to your heart.  Here's a little excerpt from that story.  It's from a chapter called, "Good News at the Christmas Ball."  

"You there, girl! " Cried Lady Crispin, "Come out of that doorway and join the festivities!  Try some mulled wine and enjoy some of my marvelous honeyed ham!"

She said nothing.  She just stood there, gazing down, realizing what was about to happen.  She looked at her muddied hands, then up at the room of hushed guests staring at this dirty, ethereal young girl before them.  Suddenly, a mighty gust of wind caused the door behind her to burst open to reveal what had been going on all this while.  The severed goat innards were still dripping as they swayed in the tree.  The Centaur King was there too.  He laughed knowingly as he fed the growing army of alien children their cauldron of larva.  Christmas time was here."

Well I know it's hard to judge a whole story based on just a few lines but I hope you enjoyed it!  And that you'll purchase a copy when it comes out next Christmas.  Happy Holidays Everyone!  Be sure to let the ones you love know they're important to you.  That's what these Christmas stories are all about.

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Kevin said...

Is this upcoming book written by Joyce Conner?