Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting That Dead Opossum Smell Out!

I'm throwing rocks at children out my window right now.  Just trying to make sense of life.  The little white girls seem to fall the hardest, but get up quicker than the rest.  Figures.  

I want to start a club called "Diet Starts Monday."  This club will meet on the last Friday of every month to dine in or dine out on a huge gluttonous meal.  The type of meal where you eat to the point of, "maybe I should just end it all now."  Good idea?  Great idea!

Pioneer-Chic should be the next fad.  I'm way ready for bonnets and campfires.  Aren't you?

By the way!  Ellen won the poll on my blog for America's Favorite Lesbian.  I'm not surprised about that, however I am surprised that Mae West didn't do better than Rosie.  I voted for Rosie myself.  The underdog, you know.  It was the American thing to do.  New poll coming soon!

Also too, I'm still in the mood for pumpkin pie.

You go ahead and take care of yourself then!

Blatantly Yours,

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Ryan said...

. . . you continue to amaze me.