Thursday, December 4, 2008


Best Part of the Day:
I performed "Easy Street" with Jeffery for Ben Rimalower in his bedroom.  Do I smell a Jeffery & Cole Musical Revue?  . . . Nope.

Worst Part of the Day:
I blew chunks on the PATH Train.  I knew I was about to but there was nothing I could do about it.  I was stuck.  On the PATH Train.  And I was gonna fuckin' spew.  Finally it came up (chex mix and diet coke mostly) and I held it in my mouth so I could go between trains and let it out.  It felt good to just fuckin' let it out and not have to worry about anyone hearing or seeing me.  And it's kinda cool to ride in between train cars.  I'd never done it before.

Watching Stage Door now.  I want to play the Ginger Rogers part.  (Are you listening, Roundabout?  I think it's time for a REVIIIIIIIVAL!)


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RyCab05 said...

haha awesome.

Donald said...

Have you seen Fred and Friends by French and Saunders? It's one of those anti-gravity free-energy comedy pieces that get better with each viewing.