Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog with a Cherry on Top!

Isn't it always the way? Whenever I'm really fond of something I have the hardest time putting into words why exactly I'm fond of it. It makes me self-conscious. I feel I need to pick the perfect words. Well, I won't be able to do justice to his performance with my words, so I'll just tell you four things I noticed at Justin Bond's show at the Highline Ballroom last night.

1. I noticed that Justin looks and kind of moves like one of those floating people in a Chagall painting (I know that's kind of pretentious but don't you see it?)
2. I noticed that Our Lady J rocked the keys so hard I got chills. Also, she looked like a Tim Burton character with a hot sexy-librarian hairdo.
3. I noticed that when Justin performs it's kind of like that scene from Hocus Pocus when Bette Midler sings "I Put a Spell On You" and the audience is sooo captivated and you don't know if it's because she's a witch and she literally put a spell on the audience, or because Bette Midler's just a damn good performer. Bewitching, that's the word I'm looking for. I noticed Justin is bewitching.
4. I noticed I have a lot of friends that are doing really cool things. And that makes me feel cool. All I ever want is for my friends to be happy and to be able to masturbate whenever I feel like it. And guess what? The universe has given me that. Ain't got no money right now, but I'm sitting pretty. Perhaps this is the time for me to give something back. I'll let you know when I decide what.

IN OTHER NEWS: Jeffery and I are doing our play tonight, "Jeffery and Cole Make it Bigger." It's tonight at 10pm at Dixon Place which is on the Lower East Side. It's the second-to-last performance. The final one is next Thursday.

If you're lookin' for somethin' to do tonight (and I know you are!) you can get $10 Tickets HERE! Otherwise they're $18 at the door. Afterwards we're all going to Tailor (I fucking love that place) where Andrew Andrew will be spinning and also stirring shit up.


Anonymous said...

You have no talent, and are not funny.

Anonymous said...

LOVE you and your show, hope you win an oscar...or the super bowl or whatever!

Nénuphar said...

thank you for the "hocus pocus" reference. A+.