Monday, July 27, 2009

Body Shots, Guilt, Gayle King

This weekend was a party-and-a-half. If this was a movie I'd show a party montage wherein I do body shots off of several goat and shoot up heroin from a boat in middle of the African Congo. Unfortunately all I have to work with is text. So this is it. Words.

Since recently becoming unemployed a full-time comedienne I've been feeling INCREDIBLY guilty. "WHY AM I NOT BEING PRODUCTIVE RIGHT NOW? WHY AM I NOT MAKING MONEY RIGHT NOW?" This guilt doesn't motivate me to do any writing, it just makes me want to hide under a blanket. It's stifling. With all the time I spend feeling guilty and not writing I might as well go back to a day job. I won't though. This week I'd like to reach out to people I know who are unemployed full-time artists and see how they handle it all.

I wonder if Gayle King has feelings like that. Probably not anymore, but I bet she did. Does she have books out?

Speaking of body shots. I'll talk at ya later!

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Anonymous said...

Whatever you do - resist the temptation to watch "the View." I am not kidding. There is a point about 27 minutes into watching it that you realize that without a job you have turned into a depressed housewife and your life will never amount to anything. This is not true, and merely an illusion created by the combination of too much estrogen and crazy. Be strong.