Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fag

Jesus H. you guys! The days seem to be FLYING by! It seems every time I plan for tomorrow it's already yesterday. Oh well! Right now it's today, and today I'm eating pineapple in bed. The man to whom I am romantically linked brought it to me (that's right bitch, bring me my fruit). Someday he's going to ask how come I never bring HIM anything. And I won't have an answer. And I'll be sleeping on the couch. Today, I'm also meeting a friend from out of town. I wish I could go out of town for a week or so.

I'm ITCH-ITCH-ITCHING to go on a vacation. My purse-strings are a little tight though. Maybe I'll pack a lunch and ride the 7 train to Queens and back. Anybody know a good vacation-on-a-budget destination? (And by budget, I mean $14). I'm not complaining. I'm broke and happy. But sometimes us actressy-types need a little space and a lot of sun to clear our heads. Just ask Joanne Worley.

Jeffery and I did our play last night. It was a crazy-mad-wonderful time. Opening nights are usually pretty swell because that's when it's all friends in the audience, but I still think it went pretty damn okay.

Watch a NEW episode of Jeffery & Cole Casserole tonight @11pm on Logo or watch it HERE right now! The bewitching and beguiling Justin Bond plays our principal in this episode. It also marks the return of Max Steele as Becky!

Anyhow! Chore time.


Brent said...

Two $4 vacations for you:
1. Governor's Island. Free ferry from the seaport, lots of places to lounge glamorously and abandoned buildings to explore/get hurt in. Great views of lower Manhattan. Awesome.
2. Flushing park in Queens. You get to see all sorts of differently-colored people on the ride there (7 train) and when you get there, one word: Unisphere. Hello, Awesomer!

P.s. I know, because I'm broke, too. Broke is the new rich.

Beeeegaaaa said...

If you're still looking, the Chinatown/Megabus/Bolt Bus to the city of brotherly love will only cost you about $24 round trip. you can drink citywide specials and smell New Jersey for pretty cheap. There are some fine trolly trollops at the worst sorority ever, Pi Lambda Phi ( and if you're really not into clean living in any sense of the phrase you can even sleep there