Thursday, July 30, 2009

"I don't like women in skirts."

It makes me uneasy when Whoopi takes a day off from The View. Tomorrow when she comes back, she'll bring up every single topic they discussed while she was absent because she thinks America is dying to know her two cents. I mean I love her on the show but Jesus H. Something! I don't think I can take it. Tomorrow I'll be watching Martha instead (can't wait for a whole hour about the glories of artichokes!)

I want to start a charity where I distribute flasks to people who hate their jobs.

In the meantime, I better go work on my high-kicks if I'm really serious about being a Rockette this year.

Wanna see a picture of me in my grandmother's nightgown? Yes you do, tit-head! To see it, just click HERE!

Want a $10 ticket to the final performance of JEFFERY & COLE MAKE IT BIGGER? There's a reception in the lobby afterwards with FREE VODKA!! No? Not even--? Oh, okay. Well, if you know anyone who does just tell them to click HERE.

Later Lovers!


Matty said...

luv the photo!

samingville said...

The flasks idea has great potential!

Duane said...

Hey cole I think you so Hot every time I see you put smile on my face.