Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mom can you give me a ride to play practice?

Yesterday was my last day at my day job, the bakery. I'm having a go at surviving solely on my creative endeavors. For the first time I'm unemployed without the guilt of "GET A FUCKING JOB" looming over me. Today is day one, and so far it feels like the first day of spring break.

In my time, the Escolas didn't do anything for spring break. Mama Chris would tell me and Kyle not to break anything and then go to work. If she was paid recently, she'd leave $5 to get Subway for lunch (for some reason Subway is the only chain restaurant in Clatskanie Oregon). That fucking rocked my world then. I scheduled my days around TV. Maybe I would go to the library, but usually not. If I did, I would sneak the ladies home magazines over to an empty part of the children's section (once I timed my "private sessions with ladies' magazines" to happen right before story time and ended up staying for it because I was sitting on the newly debuted Real Simple magazine and had to wait for the room to clear. The book was "Amelia Bedilia Goes Camping"... I was thirteen).

My point is: today, so far, feels like that (minus the library hostage situation). It feels like my mom just left for work, I have the whole house to myself, and I NEED to figure out my daytime TV schedule IMMEDIATELY! That's not the case though.

I'm actually at the home of the man to whom I'm romantically linked (I'm at my boyfriend's apartment-- I just don't like the word boyfriend), he's in the kitchen making fresh juice for breakfast (that's right bitch, make my juice), and I NEED to figure out how I'm going to make money IMMEDIATELY!

I'm going to try not worrying though. They say it's when you don't worry about money that it comes to you (the proverbial "they"). We'll just fucking see, proverbial "they," we'll just fucking see...

Today I'm getting a hair cut. Then rehearsing Jeffery's and my play, JEFFERY & COLE MAKE IT BIGGER.

If you go You should try to go an hour before and see Max Steele (aka Becky from Jeffery & Cole Casserole, among MANY other things) curate some Queer Punk Readings.

Off to have my hair cut!

P.S. Um, now that I'm job-less am I turning into Jeffery? Why am I up early blogging?


thedownpayment said...

posted variations of this before but i think you and jeffery are very funny. theres a little bit of everything. broadway, social commentary, vaudeville, tv, books, all kinds of references. fun! american absurdism. congratulations on all the great stuff youre doing and following your gut and instinct.

DavidWilton said...

Lotsa luck, oh cute one, lotsa luck. I saw Jeffery in SF and I'd come see you, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....I'd cast you as the IHOP hostess who moonlights as a pole dancer. "Sugar 'n Spice" is what your Biography Channel ep would be called.

Anonymous said...

Hey I didnt know you were a highschool acting star! Les Mix!

Connor McDonald said...

i had a similar problem with home decor magazines... except mine earned me the name martha and 2 years of hell on the bus... no, im not bitter anymore

fucking assholes!