Friday, August 7, 2009


Good morning, Poopsies.

I'm on day three of this writers' retreat. The dorm we're staying in looks like a frat house from a horror movie. Last night Jeffery and I sat outside on the lawn to drink our wine and I kept thinking we were going to be murdered. I mean, there's crime in New York, sure. But college campuses are where the CRAZY shit goes down. Like serial killers, missing persons, and body parts being found on different parts of campus. Or like intestines pulled out and formed into words in cursive next to the victim's body. Or like two people get decapitated and they're found with their heads switched onto the others' body. What I'm trying to say is that if your parents sent you to college, they secretly want you to be slaughtered and killed in really fucked up ways. So keep that in mind, college folk, when you're making plans for holiday breaks.

In other news: there's a production of 'Into the Woods' being put on by the Exit 7 Players tonight and tomorrow at the Exit 7 Theater (in Ludlow, Mass. just off Exit 7) and Jeffery and I REALLY want to go. Alas, I don't think we'll have time.

We HAVE been getting good writin' done, I think.

In OTHER other news: Tonight is the SEASON FINALE of JEFFERY & COLE CASSEROLE! Awwwww! Watch tonight at 11pm for a very special episode with lots of Becky!

Speaking of Becky!, it's Max Steele's birthday today! (Max plays Becky) If you're on Twitter, tweet at him "Happy Birthday Becky!" He'll get a big kick out of that. His name is billycheer on Twitter.

You can watch all episodes of JEFFERY & COLE CASSEROLE for free HERE

OR if you wanna watch them on the Tube, Logo is doing a marathon of all six episodes tomorrow night at 10pm.


Anonymous said...

you have no talent and are not funny.

Tony said...

Excuse me. Hold on. Stop it.

There is always time for "Into the Woods."

Ashley said...

You shut your dirty mouth, anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Jesus H, Anonymous. Joey Luft, it's hot in North Carolina.

Rudy said...

those colleges try to overdose you with pills and alcohol... now i know why i was sent to college!