Thursday, August 13, 2009

Town Hall Meetings

How 'bout them town hall meetings! In case you only watch the Disney Channel (and hey, I'm with you), here's Rachel Maddow's take on the crazy shit that's been goin' down in our nation lately.

AHHHHHHHHH!!! I know I should feel empathy for the folks at these meetings and just wish they knew the truth, but mostly I feel like, "Good. Those morbidly obese diabetics deserve all their medical problems. If they want to riot against healthcare reform without even hearing what it is, let them!"

Also, the weather's not to my liking today.


Gary said...

I think that Disney Channel reference was directed at me, and I am sooooooo honored! ( I also write scripts for them, so it seems that I have a professional stake in watching the kiddies).

The only problem with your logic is that it screws the rest of us good, hardworking sensible people who are open to hearing about a chance to stop sending insurance companies giant checks just to have us deny coverage when we develop a tumor!

But then again, we thinking people are such a small minority of people that perhaps it's best the fatties get what they deserve. After all, one of them wanted to make sure our government wouldn't interfere with Medicare!

Briana said...

Kinda like how my mother used to watch Bill O'Reily because she considered him her "boyfriend," I have hopes of making that slick piece of delicious that is Rachel Maddow my wifey.
Except hopefully in the latter union, there will be less crazy (Immigrant crazy from my mother, "I'm White, Christian, American And You Better Be Too Or You're a Nazi" crazy from Bill-o.)