Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moving and Feelings and Feelings and Moving

Here I am sitting on my bed again. This time, no pants at all. Just some underwear and an "ironic" t-shirt. Not to get Jeffery Self on y'all (wink), but I'm moving out today and I have to say it's pretty rough.

From my bed I can see the Empire State Building. Last night I said goodnight to it from my room for the last time. I got all pity-party on myself when I started thinking about what it's meant to me. You see folks, growing up I could only fall asleep if the TV was on, so I would put on a movie every night when I got into bed. And most of the time it was "James and the Giant Peach." And most of the time I tried to stay up until the peach landed on top of the Empire State Building. And now every night before I go to bed I see the Empire State Building for real, and I'm like, "Girl, you've landed in your own peach." But now I have to go. Midway through this pity party I got pissed at myself for recklessly embracing nostalgia. So I blew my nose on the sleeve of my "ironic" t-shirt and tried to forget about it. But then I was like, "FUCK THAT. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION INCLUDING NOSTALGIA," and the pity party resumed in full swing.

I should also note, for dramaturgical purposes, that along with the bedroom-window-view I am also leaving the man to whom I was romantically linked. However, I'm not leaving on a sour note, which is good, but makes it more difficult. He's part of my family now. Like a close cousin I've had sex with. In fact, I love him more than any of my real cousins I've had sex with. I mean it.

I'll be fine. As most of you know, I'm a sturdy lady. But I hate talking about feelings with people. Every time someone says the words, "I feel..." I turn off and try not to vomit as I leave. So I wanted to say it without actually saying it. So I've said it! Now it's time to move some boxes and get myself some lunch.


Andy said...

I really wish I could give you a hug right now. I hope the move goes smoothly. All the best.

Myles said...

I only had sex with cousins for the purposes of being able to make future jokes using the show "All In The Family" as the punchline. It was a business decision actually. If you wanna be a great comedian you better spend some of your childhood eating crayons and watching your creepy uncle Earl undress. Lucky for my generation, we already had a guaranteed deposit in the traumatized childhood bank having lived through Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Anonymous said...

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anthonynyc said...

cole - i'm a big fan. do you ever appear in the nyc area?

Briana said...

haha you got spam'd
No but really...Hurray to heaping steaming piles of nostalgia, incest, and overlooked (but amazing) Tim Burton films! Moving on in life, while sometimes expensive (and more often it seems for other people than myself... Thanks, Lady Luck) and painful (again, for other people), it's very necessary. Can't live in that cupboard below the stairs forever, now can we? Good luck in your new (non-incest correlated) housing and life endevors!