Friday, December 4, 2009

A Doodle A Day #010



Dustin said...

Did Wilma get bitten by a zombie?

Kyle O said...

Cole How did you get so cute?

Briana said...

Zombie, or black tar heroin?

Alex said...


When you are performing- as you or a woman, I want you to think of think of that teacher you liked or kid you admired in high school and how horrified they would be to see you and what you've become. How different you are. How alone.

If someone calls you cute or talented, are they really interested in your skills or just a horny old guy that wants to touch you. When does cuteness begin and talent end for you? Where will your career end for you?

Mary said...

First off- Haha @ Alex, When I blogged I used to get called slutty and dirty for having had my son at 20. Classy folks out there on the interwebs. ANYWAY

I used to to work with a girl who looked like poor Wilma- the smack got the better of her! :( Love this though..^__^ AND YOU ARE SO CUTE <3