Monday, January 11, 2010

A Doodle A Day #048



Ever see an unstable national treasure chase a mouse (no, Nathan Lane in Mouse Hunt does not count)? Well you're about to! Join Liza as she stumbles around New York City to reclaim what's rightfully hers: HER CHEESE! Here's what people have been saying about Liza Minnelli & The Missing Cheese:

"Like Liza herself, this book is riveting and smells like cigarettes."
- The New York Times

"I don't think I should be reviewing this book. I don't do that. Who let you in the building; was it Don?"
- Vera Wang

"I kind of thought I'd be in it."
- Jim Caruso


Gary said...

ah classic

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. This reminds me of that spoof diary of Liza Minnelli I read recently. I forgot to bookmark it - does anyone have the URL??